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Earlier tonight, I thought about writing a post about the “small things.” Those tiny little moments that just randomly make you smile. It’s been a long 2 days. It’s been a long, long. All has been stressful, even the long weekend. I needed some smiles.

I thought about writing this post, when I saw my Cash kitten sitting in an open window (small thing number 1 – window open), noticed how adorable he was (small thing number 2) and that he was “fighting off” the rain drops (small thing #3).

Then I got some “big news.” The dog of a friend of mine is cancer free. Maybe doesn’t seem that huge, but Zuzu, the dog, is one of my first dog-friends. I used to be TERRIFIED of dogs. So much so that when Zuzu (ahem, a puggle) was a puppy (ahem, like 5 lbs, maybe) she had to be put in a kennel the first time I went to visit said friend post-college. Since then, I was informed the expense and ridiculousness of kennelling this poor dog. I sucked it up, and Zu held no grudges and has loved the mother effing S out of me. Zu is more excited to see me than anything, slept with me on visits, never leaves my side when I am there. This may be my breakthrough dog (sorry Ollie!).

Zu had a tumor in her leg, the vet thought she’d have to have an amputation. As I drove to see her this last time,  I drove down thinking “this is it, this is the last time I see Zu. This is ‘my’ first ‘pet’ to go.” It sucked. When I got there, we weren’t sure, day after I left, it was tumor removal and some chemo/radiation. Today, homegurl is OK! She had her surgery for the tumor, needs NO chemo or radiation right now and absolutely NO amputation! Shake my head at “small” things, this is a “big” thing!

And then, Cash has figured out how to unplug my phone from every plug – socket, usb, or he just pulls it right out of the phone. Small thing or big thing?