Well July ended up as a success! I did not do weekly round ups for the last two weeks as running was low – I recovered from the Boilermaker, and just “kept up” running. I finished off July with 68.3 miles. Considering I’ve only broken 100 miles/month during marathon training, I’ll take this as a win!

In other goals, during July I also signed up for the GRE!  I am scheduled to take it September 13. Game on. First next step to Dr. Cole!

Finally, the last big change this month is … I adopted a new cat! Saved from my own Pet Smart, where I have been volunteering with the local humane society for (gulp) the past 5 years! His name is Cash. He was at Pet Smart with me, and just so adorable. I couldn’t stop thinking about him! After 5 years of volunteering, admittedly, he’s not the only cat I’ve “thought about.” (Alexandra was the first cat I thought of taking home, my second week. Lovey dove grey and white, snug bug kitten.) However, before I get a second, serious thought, the cat is adopted – that IS the point, after all! This is what I thought happened with Cash. He was off the website, I assumed adopted, but no! He’d been taken back to the main shelter facility for an upper respiratory infection (common in shelter cats). Fourteen day antibiotic treatment. I was wishy-washy on taking him, figuring fate had already intervened. However, I still checked the website periodically. No commitment.

One day the volunteer team lead for Pet Smart emailed and said he was back on the floor, still not on the website. I assumed he got scooped up. THEN, he was back at  Pet Smart. Friday night. I waffled. Saturday morning, the 25th, I couldn’t stop thinking about this damn cat during my workout. After a shower and some food, I decided I would just drive out to Pet Smart and see if he was still there. He was. And now, he’s my little Cash-man! He and Dinah are getting along. She’s taken some coming around. Hes a huge snug bug and the best part of my July!