Well race number one of 2015 in the books! The Boilermaker is the first race I’ve run in quite some time! I ran it easy, no pressure, no expectations. Just got out there with the crowds enjoying myself, and trying to take it easy in the heat.

My goal was to trot across the finish line in under 2 hours, and I made that goal by 45 seconds! I took care to keep cool and hydrate so I didn’t finish the race feeling awful (like I did the last time I ran this race). I did a fair amount of walking (but not strolling) and felt good until toward the end. My upper back/neck got very tight. I am assuming this is a side effect of sitting at a desk a million hours a week. But other than that, I felt good enough to have some beers after!

I got a bit of a sunburn and made the poor choice of ice cream post race. My stomach did NOT agree. However, after some shower and some AC and a nap, I am feeling back to normal! I haven’t run outside much lately, nor did I “train” very hard for this race, so my legs are already feeling sore. But, just making me stronger! The only casualty of the race was my license, lost somewhere between bib pick up and my car. Sigh.

This week was easy on miles, but totaled at 18.3 with the race included.

What’s up next? Keeping up running for 3-5 days a week, while focusing on strength and core training. The formal base building plan begins on August 3. I’m also going to start slowly making over my diet so that I can get in the best shape possible for the Carmel Marathon next April!

No new books finished this week, but I am continuing the 21 days of calm on Calm.com app. I am on day 11! I’m finding it helpful, but it certainly is going to take some practice!