It’s been a particularly trying few weeks. After many months of unexpected difficulties. So this seems like a good a time as any to introduce my new love of mindfulness meditation.

I’ll be honest, I have thought in the past that meditation (guided or otherwise) was a bunch of hokey hippie nonsense.

I was wrong.

After dealing with some … dark and negative times of my own – where the stress was too much, and the negative self talk was so, so bad  – I decided to give mindfulness meditation a try. And I am hooked. For 5, 10 ,15 minutes a day, I practice quieting my mind, and learning to turn it all off. I have noticed positive differences with only a few weeks of near daily practice. I react with less emotional impulsiveness, I can recognize when I am being unnecessarily negative in my self talk (though I haven’t really come close to mastering how to turn that off), and I’ve learned that I deserve, and need, some time to just BE – be alone, be quiet, be peaceful, be grateful.

I’ve also begun to use mindfulness techniques during my workouts. It takes my mind of the pain, the minutes left to go, the sometimes dragging boring-ness that comes with running miles and miles.

At this point, I’ve been using the meditation app from to begin my practice and learn the components of mindfulness meditation. I strongly recommend it! It’s available for both android and iphone!

Does anyone else practice mindfulness meditation?