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Am I a book recommendation snob?

I’ve recently becoming worried, that I’m missing out on some possible reads by being snobby about my book read recommenders. If it’s not a book I come upon myself (which really doesn’t happen that often), I generally only take book recommendations from trusted bookish friends.

I have expanded my trusted friend circle. It now includes the Book Riot Podcasters – Rebecca and Jeff. I like them, I trust their voices and their witty podcast jokes. And, admittedly, Rebecca and I have seriously similar “bells” as she’s always referring to. heh.

But, recently I began a subscription to BookBub. Now, BookBub is seriously awesome. Free or seriously discounted ebooks EVERYDAY. I’ve bought a few, but I get 4-5 book recommendations (all under $3) everyday. And I’ve been signed up for a few months now. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s some decent things on there. I’ve snagged some new non-fiction books – the stuff you’d read in a college level history course (there’s another bell of mine), and at least one fiction book that was already on my TBR.

BUT, there are so many books sent to me each day. I mean, and some of them are FREE! But, there’s not always a need to obtain a book simply because it’s free, even if it’s on my kindle. Space is still space,even if it’s digital.

However, I overlook a lot of books. Admittedly, BookBub loves to push romance – and that’s not really my jam. Though, if you dig romance novels, then I 100% recommend BookBub’s services. But, I find myself simply not considering a book if I haven’t had it recommended to me by one of my trusted book advisors. Is this bad? I rationalize it by saying, I’m not buying ANY MORE BOOKS… that aren’t all ready on my TBR. I mean, it is 280 books long…

So what do you think… snobbery?