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You know the old routine. Come home from work, collapse on the couch. Relax, catch up on the day. Immediately: shoes off, deep sigh… facebook. You’re curled up, knees bent, checking your phone. What texts did you miss? What’s everyone posting about what they are doing tonight? What innovative circuit workouts were posted on instagram? What cool new crafts that you’ll never do, and recipes you’ll never make are pinned on pinterest?

You’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… tap, tap, tap. And then, here comes the cat. Strutting in from the bedroom. She yawns, stretches, starts clawing at the carpet. You yell “Stop that!” as if it’ll make a difference. Cats are such good listeners.

She cocks her head at you, but you don’t notice. Click click, tap tap, scroll scroll. Here she comes – long, lean steps. Meow? You glance her way for a moment. So cute, tiny meow.

She investigates the couch, tentatively. Jumps up. You see her poke her head over your knees. Facebook, twitter, instagram, text messages. click click. tap tap.

And then…

People think cats are strong, graceful. But every now and again… She launches herself over your bent knees, awkward kitty armpit collides with your kneecap “mrow” as her hind legs thrash, begging for the blanket covering your shins. You snort laugh, back to the phone.

Finally, mid-funny video someone posted, she thuds on your torso, having expertly navigated knee-mountain. MROW!!! You have to laugh, her head butts in between your hands and the phone, demanding attention. She’s won, you put it down. You pet, she purrs. Kneads. You coo and talk baby talk to a cat – she can’t *actually* understand you. Knead knead knead, pet pet pet. Then finally, she body slams the crook of your arm, twirls around and looks up at you. Content. Slow blink.

And now you are present in the moment. It was a cat that made you do it.