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Recently, I’ve come on to a few new products/websites/services that I’m absolutely loving, and they deserve a shout out.

1. Republic of Tea – this is not new. It’s just new to me. Well, relatively new to me. I’ve been on it numerous times, pining for their teas, but hadn’t bought anything – until recently. I picked up some of their rooibus teas – “Get Relaxed” and “Get Some Zzzs” – both are living up to their promises. I also picked up their loose leaf “Celebration Tea” and it’s just a delight! When I bought the teas I had purchased enough for the free gift of their Ginger Peach – also lovely. All of these teas are fragrant and flavorful. Each is just a bit of luxury in your cup. If you like teas, and you haven’t tried this group yet, I strongly urge you to!

2. Longform.org. Do you frequently come across longer than average articles while perusing the internet during your lunch break and not have enough time to finish them? Do you want to find more articles of depth and substance and be able to save them to another location so you can repeatedly come back to them? Longform.org is just what you’re looking for. I’ve found so many interesting articles there, and have even been able to send them to my kindle for more time-appropriate reading. Love!

3. Ok this is a big one. I have previously professed my love for the website BookRiot on this blog. They are a.w.e.s.o.m.e. However, now they have a podcast – and a podcast app for both apple and android. It’s a weekly podcast, running about an hour (usually a bit more, to all listeners’ delight). I listen while I run and commute, mostly. And I adore it. I did not know I was interested in “all that’s new in the world of books” other than what might be some new reads. But, I am! I find out about cool things that are going on in the publishing industry – like how bad ass HarperCollins is, or Amazon’s new matchbook service. If you like books, reading, fun/cool people with soothing voices and interesting things to say, and best of all absolutely ridiculously awesome episode titles that make you want to listen to the whole hour plus to find out how exactly “Wet Lettuce Blankets” is referenced in conversation – then this is the spot for you. AND… AND… new books! Always! I almost hate listening to it while commuting because I can’t stop and take note of all the awesome and fun books mentioned (PS – podcast a heavy influence in the upcoming TBR post.)

Just listen to it, do it now – there’s 33 episodes for you to catch up on. Do you have New Year’s day off? Great, you can almost catch up.

What are you loving lately?