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This is the resolution post! Some people really hate resolutions. I don’t really see anything wrong with using the first of the year as an opportunity to “wipe your slate clean” and set some new goals for self-betterment. Of course, you can use any old reason you can think of, at any point in time, to set new goals, or refocus on previously made goals that may have been waylaid or sidelined.

With that said, I have some overarching goals, and some more specific, focused goals for 2014. Let’s start with the big ones:

If you scroll back, not incredibly far, you will find some serious happiness exuding from me. That’s because I was very happy. I had attained a level of happiness in many areas of my life. I worked hard to get it, and then I had it, and I stopped trying. Well, since then, I’ve learned happiness doesn’t curl up and sleep cozily in your lap (unlike a cat – which is actual happiness). You have to put some effort into being happy, into being you, into just … being. Stop trying, and everything else stops along with it. So this year is about a refocus. Focusing on what makes me happy and doing it, and on what’s important and enjoying it. My goal for this year is to get out of my own way, and enjoy a bit more. Enjoy what? Enjoy everything. Except sawdust. I will not enjoy sawdust.

With that I will focus broadly on two things that do bring me enjoyment that I have, through my own twisted anxiety and negative self-talk, turned into burdens.

    1. Running

    2. Writing

Every race I ran this year was miserable. I’d start out ok-ish, and then just talk down to myself, for miles. A half-marathon is a long time to beat yourself up. I perfected that this year and ruined one of the things I like doing the most. I’m an asshole. And I moved away from writing, even personal journaling, probably at a time when I’ve needed it the most. I think about blogging a lot, and I was insanely jealous during NaNoWriMo that I wasn’t ready to participate… again. But I haven’t done a whole lot about it. Christmas gifts from my Dad, who did not know of my internal anguish at letting my writing take a back seat, reminded me it’s time to focus on doing what I like. (Gifts included books on writing, including On Writing, which I’ve been coveting).


The more focused goals:

I want a new half marathon PR. That’s that. I’ll probably aim for a fall half for the goal race, but I’ll take one whenever it comes. 2:29 is the time to beat. Get it, girl.

I want to be able to do at least one unassisted pull up. Palms out, chin to the bar, full pull up. Now that I have some sweet new lifting gloves, I say: GAME ON.

The two and a half minute plank still eludes me. It will be mine.

I want to get down a few good story ideas. Fiction or non, I’ll take either. An outline or two, even very rough. I doubt I’ll be ready for NaNoWriMo and I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to that. But, I do have to start somewhere, and story ideas and outlines it is.

Books – I’m putting 20 books as the goal again. I barely got half way this year, and that’s just a sadness basket. For details, please see the forthcoming “To Be Read” post.

And that’s what I’ve got so far. Seems like a good start.

What are your resolutions?