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As teenagers, we are inherently selfish. It’s a part of growing up. The teenage years, and even into our early twenties, are years we are most likely to spend self-involved. We will write-off many behaviors of people in this age group as a “phase.” Something we expect people to grow out of, just like any kind, well-mannered adult.

However, as I enter my second full year of “30 something,” I’m increasingly shocked, and honestly appalled, by the selfishness of too many people. I’m not saying that I’m never selfish. All have some inherent some degree of selfishness, but I’m talking selfishness gone wild.

I cannot believe how many people over the course of my life are over-the-top with their selfish entitlement. People who throw family under the bus, people who are so wrapped up in themselves they can’t be bothered to ask a friend how they are doing, people who are so delusional they think everyone is simply “ok” with spending vast amounts of money/attention on them, people who think they can constantly take advantage of someone’s graciousness and generosity and just keep shitting on a person over and over.

Honestly, it’s extremely disheartening. The worst of it is, at this age, you aren’t going to change. Did you make it to 28-32+ years old and you’re still an entitled, narcissistic douche bag? Well, you’re not going to change, and you don’t even know it. I’ve given up hope on these people in my life. Life already has too much stress: I have too much else going on, too much else to live for to feed other people’s delusions any more. I’d rather spend my time on things that are positive.
There is a difference, folks, on being there for a person, and being run over by a person. There’s a difference between being friendly, and being taken advantage of. When it comes to the blatant selfishness and delusions of people who are never going to know better, or realize differently, it is up to you to draw the line and walk away, for your own self preservation.