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There’s been some change of plans in my running game.

I am foregoing the Chicago Marathon this year. I just don’t have the drive. Quite honestly, I just don’t have the desire to do another full marathon at this time. While exercise/running is great stress relief, I don’t believe that training for a marathon is something you can do when too many other stresses are eating at you.

Stress, over the past few months, as really reached monumental proportions. Taking not just a mental toll, but a physical one as well – and in a not good way. Part of the mental toll was a chipping away at my focus, my resolve; especially when it came to training.In addition, something that I used to find as enjoyable, a release, something I looked forward to. Now though, now – it’s become something else that worries me.

“Can I run this race” “Can I sustain this effort” “Can I do this distance again” ???

Worry and anxiety were taking over my hobby. That’s just not right.

The decision not to run the marathon was almost natural. And once I made it, and said it outloud, I felt so much more relieved. A great expectation had been lifted off my shoulders. And, though very slowly, my runs have become more enjoyable. I’ve begun to look forward to my workouts again.

I am still going to Chicago, though. BV is going to run – and he is going to tear.shit.up!
I’m looking forward to spectating. I’ve never been to a major marathon before. I’m super stoked to see some elite marathoners running, in person. I’m excited to see BV run an awesome race. I think it’s going to be a great time. And perhaps just the inspiration I need to to put my running back into perspective.