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Training has begun! It is fall marathon training season folks – and I’m off to a great start!

This training cycle’s plan comes from the Big Book Of Marathon Training by Runner’s World. I’ve chosen one of their beginner plans, which took a little ego soothing, to be honest. The beginner plans are for, ahem, beginners. I’ve already run a marathon! But I needed a reality check. The intermediate plans called for 5 days of running. This I know my poor delicate, pain in the ass IT bands cannot handle. Maybe for a few weeks, but not for several months.

So the beginner plan was chosen. This plan does offer some nice step ups from my last full-marathon training cycle though. For example, this plan includes two 20 milers, which I like – it’ll help me feel more prepared. Additionally, this plan has some solidly built in cut back weeks which my trouble/injury prone areas will appreciate. With 4 days of running per week, this leaves plenty of time for cross training. I have become a regular foam roller- so that should help with an IT band flare- ups, and hopefully stave them off for a while.

My other goal this training cycle is to really commit to some stretching and/or yoga work each week. I always say this, I rarely keep it up. But I KNOW it will help, so it’s really something I need to get my act together on.

My long runs, once they start reaching the half marathon plus range will convert to the run/walk method again. Realistically, this is the best method – for me – in completing the marathon. The Chicago Marathon has a 5:25 pace group that I’m planning on getting on board with for the race. If successful, that’ll be about 20 minutes off my first marathon time. I can handle that!

Here’s to summer training folks – anyone else jumping on the training bus this month?