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If there is one thing in this life that so many are so easily consumed by, it is anger. This post is dedicated to letting.it.go.

People living the happiest lives do not walk around harboring anger about things or situations that they cannot change. Things crop up in life, and they suck – your significant other cheats on you, you fail at something you tried so hard to succeed in, you were unjustly denied something you felt you deserved, a personal possession is destroyed or damaged by someone’s incompetence. These are all things that could bring one to harbor some ill-feelings – and hang on to them for a while.

The longer you hold on to the anger, the longer you will remain unhappy. Without any doubt it will permeate all areas of your life – leading you to be generally miserable, it’s a never-ending cycle.

So, with each situation that you may find yourself consumed by anger – work through it. Allow yourself some time to be upset about it. Then – get a grip. Assess this situation – is there something you can do about it? Then do it. No? Then get over it. End of story. The sooner you let it go, the sooner you will find peace. The sooner you can direct your energy toward the things that matter – the activities you enjoy, the people you love.

This is not to say, that at a certain point, a person who has wronged you, directly, repeatedly and unwarrantedly, doesn’t deserve to be let go as well. But again, these situations must be thought about long and hard – make sure you’re not holding a grudge, or jumping to the conclusion that your friend is toxic. Sometimes they do have to go, but make fully certain that’s the case – don’t make that decision in anger.

The bottom line is to stop being so angry about things that are relatively inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Or things that you have no control over. Don’t become consumed by these issues. You will be more successful, and have deeper, more meaningful relationships, if you just let the anger go and use your energy for something more fruitful, more positive.