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This summer in the garden I’m going to return to my original blogging roots – running.

On my previous blog, which was actually about running, I sort of petered out with the writing right as I was training for my first marathon – you know, the good stuff! I feel badly about this. I don’t have a good recounting of my training and all that I went through physically and mentally during the whole process. So, as I spend the summer training for my second marathon – and a MAJOR! – I will be keeping up with it here in the garden. Chicago’s the real deal folks!

So, beginning in June, there will at least one post a week on running/training. And maybe even some guest posts from very inspirational running friends!

Today was my first formal “race” since my last marathon: a 3.5 mile workforce challenge. It’s an after work jaunt through downtown Albany, with 1000s of your coworkers. It’s a fun time, and I showed my solidarity with my new coworkers by showing up to run with a bunch of people who may or (mostly) may not have met me before and then promptly leaving before seeing how anyone else did – I’m awkward, don’t judge.

Anyway… I hate afternoon running. I really enjoy running on a nearly empty stomach and fresh legs that hadn’t already gone to the gym that day (I’m awkward AND badass). I am also horribly far from marathon shape. That “little jaunt” was rough man. I mean, I’ve had worse races, but ugh. Anyway, it finishes on a huge down hill, so I ended “strong.”

And so it begins! I’ll start upping my base weekly mileage over the next month or so, then formal training begins.

Chicago Marathon – Here We Come!