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As I walked through the kitchen, busy with tidying up, thoughts of the day, whispers (roars?) of tomorrow, it caught my eye. Just a glimpse at first, but I stopped back again to look more closely. The sun burned red, purple, orange and pink through the clouds – just over the tree line.

The sun still sets, peacefully each day. On some days with spectacular beauty.

I don’t recall the last time I saw the sun setting. I certainly don’t recall the last time I took a minute to watch it, enjoy it, feel it. It’s far too easy to become embroiled in the drudgery of life. The waking, and the working, and the cleaning, and the sleeping. And the doing it all over and over.

But to take a moment, just a moment and enjoy the simple beauty – so precious. Each day the sun sets, bold and beautiful. Each day the sun rises, crisp and clean. While the majority of the day is spent doing the things we must, while we far too easily slip into the folds of life’s stressors, the beauty of life’s most simple things go on around us.

It takes just a split second for you to notice the sun has set the sky afire. Don’t miss that second. Don’t waste it.