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Some time ago I was visiting my parents when I noticed this book on my sister’s dresser. She was away at school at the time, and I had just finished The Fault in Our Stars, so I text her and told her I’d be borrowing this book. Not a bad choice.

I gave this book 3 stars on goodreads.com. I liked it, it was most definitely a YA novel, but it wasn’t as good as The Fault in Our Stars. That does make sense, Looking for Alaska was published seven years prior, and we would hope that Green would evolve as an author over time (congrats!).

The plot was interesting, and Green is just fantastic at creating quirky teenage characters. I just found some of the emotion and climactic moments of this book lacking luster compared to his other work. Not that it was bad, just not as stellar. He does go for the traumatic life events, once again. The type of stuff that shakes people – especially teens. Always dramatic, and certainly makes for interesting story lines.

Still I enjoyed this as what would be a quick read. I realize my Goodreads history indicates otherwise, but I was in the middle of moving – cut me some slack.

With all that, I do enjoy Green’s writing a good deal. He is true to his genre, and I don’t feel like his teen characters are a teenage portrayal through the eyes of an adult – which can sometimes happen, and is disappointing to r older readers.

This might not be the book at the very top of my recommendations list, but I’d still throw it out there for anyone hitting the beach this summer and looking for a good read.