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I’d like to bring the conversation back around to doubt. I’ve discussed it on here before, but this is a persisting issue – one many of us don’t discuss – and it’s been on my mind a lot lately, so here it is.

I have found myself, on occasion, literally paralyzed by doubt. When one steps back from a situation and looks at it, it does seem rather ridiculous. But, it’s real, and it happens to all of us. We put off doing what we want to do – something we really want, and may even truly enjoy – because we doubt our ability to be successful.

This has happened to me many a time – running, writing, planning parties, cooking new dishes, hanging shelves. Honestly, things big and small just get put off because of a fear of not being able to do something correctly, or well enough. The voice in your head telling you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t bother”  it’s just not true.

Overcoming this can be most difficult. It can be so much easier to shut out external negativity – other people telling you that you can’t do something? Screw them, you say, as you set out to prove them wrong. But when it’s your own self telling you that something can’t be done, why do we fall victim to that, repeatedly?

I read two articles today on doubt and that little voice in our heads. Both are worth the read, so I’ll share them with you:

This article from the Huffington Post, and this from Writer UnBoxed.

The second deals mostly with writers/writing/challenges of getting published, but the overall themes are applicable to all.

One aspect of the doubt cycle that I have to agree with is that as a society, we do not place much value on discussing the tough times. We are success based culture – interested in the ascent – not the bumps along the way. But, when you’re trying to conquer some new feat, there are bumps along the way – for everyone, and hearing about them makes the whole experience more relate-able. It actually helps us to keep the main goal in mind, and remember that a bump in the road is that – a bump. Some are bigger than others, but alas, this too shall pass.

What are you doubting right now? What’s got you stuck in the muck and unable to move forward? Sometimes putting it out there, as the impetus you need to take the next scary step forward.