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We all know that life ebbs and flows. It has its ups and downs, stressful times and its easy-breezy times. When you find your life filling up with busy-work, stressful things, and you’re just feeling overwhelmed – how do you cope?

I often need a reality check. An intervention from a friend or two. Sometimes big, or sometimes just a simple “hello!!!! I haven’t talked to you in a week, what gives?” This is usually the jolt or the reminder I need about what is really important in life – the simple things.

When a big, stressful event finds itself in your path it can be all-consuming. It takes up all your time, your thoughts, sometimes steals your sleep. And if you have more than one of these events occurring at the same time? Forget about it! You’re apt to drive yourself nuts.

This is when it’s most important to remember the little things. The things you enjoy – a morning run, a chat with a friend, a kitten snuggled on your belly, holding the hand of a loved one, a moment to reflect quietly.

Even in the most stressful times,  joy in life is found in its simplicity. Don’t lose sight of your goals, and don’t overlook the simple pleasures right in front of you.

Live life happy.