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In a good way!

I must honestly say, I am pleasantly surprised how very easy it was it slip back in to running once I had a set training plan. Workouts are scheduled, workouts are completed. Workouts are hard. Fantastic.

It’s crazy how liberating a schedule can be. A bit counter-intuitive, I know. Knowing what you have to run, knowing what the goal is, and what it looks like. So comforting.

I won’t lie, after several months wishy washy working out, it was HARD to get back in the groove. Physically, oh yes. But mentally, even worse. I forgot what it’s like to run for over an hour when you REALLY just feel like not. It’s good to be reminded that the work pays off – it’s good to relive those great finishes, those great runs. Tap in to your inner success. It’s there. Whether you’re just starting, or restarting – remember: Distance before speed.

Stay persistent! Dreams will become reality!


Keep running!