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So the other day I was all proud of myself for finally signing up for a half marathon for this year. We chose a hilly, challenging course since we’d been slacking in the running department since the last marathon.

Then Tuesday came. And by some stroke of genius/luck/insanity, we decided to take a stab at registering for the Chicago Marathon. Registration actually was open on their site a few minutes before the posted time. So, I was lucky enough to get right in. BV on the other hand – we attempted his registration over and over again for two and a half hours. Fun! He ended up being registered 4 times. Whoops.

Anyway, now we’re running Chicago, a week after our wedding. Honeymoon in the Windy City! Good thing our reception is running themed to keep up the motivation while trying to train for one and plan the other!

Anyone have any fun ideas of stuff to do in Chicago? If we’re going, we might as well make a trip of it!

Runners are nuts. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different!