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Well it”s been a while. Not just since I’ve written about running, but since I’ve gotten in to it for real. A run or two here or there – lame. It’s time to get back in the saddle and now, I am! Finally! Yay! We’re going to be running a hilly half marathon Memorial Day weekend. Base building has begun, training kicks in on March 3!  Challenge!

This is, admittedly, a very long period (in my opinion) of  post-marathon funk. I had read about it before from other runners’ blogs. The sort of depression that sets in post marathon. You’d spent months training, sacrificing, diligently planning for the Big Race, then once it’s over, you’re left to wonder what to do with yourself (and how to physically get out of bed/walk). I recently read that writing a novel is similar in this experience. After publication, one does not feel any sense of fulfillment.

What is that strangeness? Planning, plotting, doing, completing and then ……

Sort of a let down, but then again, for those of us with a masochistic side – who enjoy the torture of the “grind” – perhaps this is the life we are destined for?