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Yes.  I am. It has to happen. I simply can NOT read this terrible book any more. I don’t know that I’ve ever totally abandoned a book before. I’ve moved away from books, from time to time, knowing I’ll come back to them, but that perhaps this just isn’t the right time in my life for a particular book. However, this is different. I cannot finish this book.

It’s boring, it’s hard to follow, it’s not all that well-written. There’s very little character development, or plot development, for that matter. I have no idea what’s going on in this book. It’s supposed to be a thriller/mystery, but I am not feeling any suspense. I am not feeling much of anything – except dread of having to pick it up and try to suffer through more of it’s non-enticing pages. I often feel like I’m missing something, like entire chapters of background.

I’m sorry, book, but we have to break up. I just cannot do this anymore. You are sucking the joy out of reading. It’s time for you to go. I honestly don’t know how this book ended up on my to-read list. I think it was some suggested read by some website’s algorithm. When it comes to book recommendations, the numbers can take a flying leap – this is a subjective endeavor. The advice of good friends, and trusted book blogs are to be heeded. Don’t trust in the “mathematical” calculations of some nameless, heartless website.

Have you ever abandoned a book, entirely?

To its credit, the book was translated, so perhaps something (a lot of something) was lost there. I was loath to put the name of the book in here because I don’t particularly enjoy bashing other people’s work. However, for the sake of honesty and consistency I will: Season of the Witch by Arni Thorarinsson.