Man, oh, man. I had some goals and motivation when I wrote my post on my 2013 goals. Granted, it’s only 15 days into the year, but I am off to a very rocky start.

Writing and creativity has been at a standstill recently, which is a total bummer. There was a point in time, when I first started this blog (oh you know, a few months ago) when creativity and imagination were seeping back into my daily life. I have found some decent benchmarks to measure where I am on a creative vs stressed out subconscious. 1. Blood pressure. I have been known to get compliments from doctors on the perfection of my blood pressure. Yes, I’m bragging, haha. However, the last blood pressure check I had, just a week ago: it was high enough for them to ask me about it. Stress. Damn. 2. Instead of dreaming about awesome things that make little to no sense in the real world but awesome fodder for stories – I dream about work. Various screens from work software programs, problem issues, work queues. Lame. What lame dreams.

So, there’s an obvious stress factor. In fact, the very little journaling I’ve done reveals that even at 5am, promptly upon waking, I am already thinking of work and other stressors. Ugh! However, I do believe that getting on this writing/creativity train will eventually help relieve some of this stress. More effort must be made in this venue.

Running. Wow, what a stuttering start that’s off to. The last few days have been much better in the working out arena. And we’ve been discussing a possible spring race to sign up for to get ourselves motivated. Hopefully that will materialize shortly and I’ll get out of this rut that I’ve been in since, honestly, the end of my full marathon. Shame.

I have been reading. Last night I started John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. I’m not far into it yet, and I know it’s probably going to be tragically sad at some point, but so far I’m loving it. And, honestly – the Author’s Note in the beginning – epic. (sorry folks, you’ll either have to get your hands on it or wait for the review! Tease!)

The crafty is coming, and fast. So no worries there, but the big goals – writing and running I am floundering, albeit without my flip flops. So, with this post I am publicly shaming myself into getting my act together. While a main goal of mine with this blog was to spread some insightful positivity into the lessons and challenges we all face in our lives, another big usefulness of a personal blog is to shame yourself into following through on the things you promised yourself, and the whole internet, you were going to do.