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Well, well, well. This has been quite the year.

I came into the year ferociously single. Eleven days into 2012 I went on a first date that would go on to change my entire “comfort zone” framework of thinking on relationships. Ten months into 2012 and I would be engaged. Whoa.

I did a lot of running this year. That was planned – most of it. I ran three half marathons, the first two were successive personal worsts. Rough times. The third half marathon was finally a personal record and I broke that lingering 2 hour and 30 minute barrier. Then, I did the ultimate, I ran a marathon.

I searched and searched and searched for a new job. I was grasping at straws, or at least that’s how it felt. By thanksgiving, I was starting a new job in a field I’d been trying to get into for so long. I’ve been there a month, and I am still loving it and looking forward to new challenges there.

This has been a truly amazing year of many many changes. Last year was a year of introspection and reflection. A year of settling in myself. A year of getting to know who I was. This year was a year of embracing myself, cutting myself some slack, and giving myself a second chance. It is a great liberation to finally let yourself just be. To stop trying to impress, or satisfy others at the expense of your self. To figure out what is that you want, and then actually let yourself go ahead and have it. I hope that each and every person gets that opportunity in their life. It’s not easy, and honestly, it’s quite scary. It’s still a work in progress. But in the end, it is so very, very worth it. What a change from 12 months ago; what an ever bigger change from 24 months ago.

How was your year? Any big changes for anyone else?