I’ve tried to keep, thus far, to a generally positive theme on this blog. However, let’s be honest, even the biggest cheerleaders of positive thinking have bad days.


Have you ever had one of those days where you doubted every single thing you did, or decision you made? Nothing you said was right in your own head, nothing you did would lead you to success or happiness. On these days you can just feel like one giant ball of impending failure.  Miserable. The worst is when you start on that path it becomes a tremendous, rapid downward spiral. Suddenly you doubt your inflection when you said good morning to that customer. You wonder if you look ridiculous in a sweater you’ve worn a million times and gotten several compliments on – even one that very day. Everyone is talking about you – in your head – and everything you’re doing is wrong.

Ugh, the misery of self-doubt.  You’ll never be able to run a mile again, write another paragraph, make your signature dish. Happiness is slipping away – or is it?

We have the uncanny ability to be our own biggest hater. Why do we do that? Why do we allow ourselves to become so overwhelmed with perceived character flaws? Most of the time these flaws are imagined, or at least vastly exaggerated in our own heads.

So – what do you do on the days when your inner hater comes out to play? I like comfort food and kids movies – then a kick in the ass – usually in the form of the gym. After a good workout – even if it’s just a head clearing walk – it’s much easier to remember where your confidence lies, what your self-worth is, and what positivity your life holds.

I’m currently at the “eating French fries and watching Ice Age” phase of getting over it – tomorrow will be ass kicking time.

What are your tactics for building yourself back up?

Anyone else having a dumpy day? Go ahead and vent.