There are a lot of changes going on in my life lately. A LOT of changes. Unequivocally, all of these changes are positive, for me and those around me, but without a doubt, it’s still hard to leave behind what we once knew.

Last week I went to two going away parties for friends who are moving. Both of these are positive opportunities, on to bigger and better things. Both of my darling friends are bound to encounter an abundance of happiness on their new paths. But, man is it hard to say goodbye.

In all honesty, I’m in a bit of fairly serious denial about the whole thing. One of these movers is my roommate. I am in such denial that we are moving on that I’ve basically refused to commit to packing the remainder of my things. I don’t even like going in our apartment (which I effectively have not lived in for weeks), because it’s virtually empty. I remember a year ago a guy friend of mine asking if her and I were ever going to “break up.” While I knew at some point we’d both get on with our lives and not live the life of old-lady spinsters with a million rescued animals, I don’t think either of us expected the move-on to come quite so soon!

However, there are so many things about the modern world that lessen the pain of close friends/family moving away. Facebook, email, text messaging – all these provide opportunities for people to remain in virtually constant contact. But still, it doesn’t replace coming home to that someone and venting about your day, sharing exciting news face to face – complete with squeals of delight and high fives. I can’t help but feel a bit of me is moving away with them, especially after all we’ve been through together.

I try to focus on the opportunity that lies ahead for both of them. The happiness, the excitement, the dreams to be fulfilled. But, I will still miss my friends dearly. And to add to things, it seems that more friends are thinking of making the move as well. We’re not bound geographically like people used to be, it’s so easy to be mobile, but yet – even with all of today’s technology, keeping in touch can remain difficult.

So while I am thoroughly happy for my friends, and myself, to move on to the next fun and exciting stages in our respective lives, I am still sad that those years together are coming to a close.

This truly is the end of an era.

Cheers, ladies!