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I have always been a book person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love TV and movies and music and facebook.

But man, books, they just get me, ya know?

Fiction, non-fiction – it doesn’t matter. If someone’s got something to say, and they can do it articulately and artfully, I want to read it.

Want to and actually do…. well – that’s something, isn’t it? I know I’m not the only person in this predicament. In fact, I know that my social circle, as well as the internet, is flooded with people that have tons of books they want to read, but haven’t.

I’ve tried many things in the past to keep a list of books that sound good, that I’ve read a review on, that were recommended to me, that have been turned into a movie I refuse to watch until I’ve read the book. Keeping these lists was hard! And, as it turns out, pointless! I’d keep a list in the back of my school planner – that got thrown out at the end of each year. Or in the notes field on my cell phone – which died and got thrown out every few years. Oh, so many lost to-be-read lists.

What a shame.

But alas, a savior – Goodreads!

My TBR list on Goodreads is out.of.control. My friends on there must be SO annoyed. Anytime I read a review of a book on a book blog, or in the newspaper, or a suggestion from a friend, or just think of a book I’d always wanted to read but haven’t, or a favorite author comes out with something new, I add it to the TBR list. There are nearly 200 books on that thing. But, my favorite part is, that list isn’t going away. Goodreads is my saving grace of book lists and if they ever shut down I might just as well go with them.

I think Goodreads does a bunch of other stuff besides keep track of what you’ve read/want to read and allow you to comment on how you like it, but I don’t know. Who has time for that when there are so many books to queue up?! I have the app on my phone, and I add books to it nearly daily.

I read pretty slowly, honestly. I don’t dedicate nearly as much time to reading as I’d like. I’m working on it. This allows my TBR list to just grow and grow and grow… it’s frustrating, but fun at the same time. The question “what shall I read next?” is always such a delight because I can go through my list and re-live the excitement bound to come in each one of these new adventures.

The books on my list are all over the place, not just in terms of genre, but in terms of publishing date. There’s NO WAY I could keep up with some of these book bloggers – like those folks over at Book Riot, they are always reading the hippest books. I have way too many books I want to read that were written years and years ago! But, I figure that’s ok – there are just so many, I don’t want to miss anything. So while I’m catching up on books, I’ve got to keep track of all the new stuff I want to read.

The real problem lies not in that there’s never enough time to read all the books I want to read, but that Amazon.com is become quite good at their personalized recommendations. That, and their one-click check out. Dangerous.

What about you – what’s the status of your TBR list? What book are you dying to read?

Are you on Goodreads? Want tons of annoying update emails about what I’m adding to my TBR list? Let’s be friends!