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As far as books go, this is absolutely my most favorite non-fiction book ever.

The book is a “mostly-true” memoir of Jenny Lawson’s life, and the ridiculousness that has surrounded her. It’s an entertaining story of triumph. Suffering from chronic depression, Lawson’s story is not only hilarious and uplifting, but an authentic tale of struggle, and awkwardness.

Page after page of searing honesty, matter-of-fact writing, and absolute hilarity: I cannot even remember the number of times I laughed out loud – some moments had me in laughing tears. I even remember once my roommate poking her head in my room asking if I was seriously laughing at my book. Yes, yes I was.

I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone living, and maybe even some dead folks. Lawson is a fantastic story-teller and her outlook on life is super refreshing. I have been a fan of her blog for quite some time (if you’re not reading The Bloggess you’re not living. Period.), and I was very glad that her book was true to form. There was no pretension or changing of styles. Her voice remained the same, and as real as it is on her blog – like chatting with an old friend.

I will wait, anxiously, for her next book. There’s no possible way it won’t be fantastic. Anyone with a kitten named Hunter S Thomcat knows what they are doing. You can’t argue with that, it’s science.