This Sunday I am running a marathon.

I am running a marathon, on Sunday.

A marathon. Sunday. Me.

Yes, I’m having a little trouble wrapping my mind around it. A lot is going on in my life right now. Much of it a welcome distraction from the 5+ hour physical and mental pain I will be putting myself through in just a few short days.

There is an odd sort of calm at this moment. Honestly, as I write this, I have very little doubt about my ability to complete this race. I think a medic would have to peel me off the roadside for me to not finish – regardless of how long it takes, or if it actually “counts.”

That being said, I haven’t had all that much time to get nervous about it. Occasionally, throughout training, I’ve had my moments. Bad runs, random pains, moments of doubt. However, just under a week out from race day, I’m feeling confident. I’ll go ahead and ride this out for as long as I’m able.

There is a lot of non-running stuff going on in my life. Additional volunteer responsibilities, this blog, family is coming to cheer me on, and I’m attempting to ready a house I only half live in for their arrival. This past weekend was anything but relaxing, trying to prep for everything – and get in a last long run, after which my legs were positively the most achey they’ve been since that one time WebMD diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

To be quite honest, I’m a bit looking forward to five hours of nothing but me, my thoughts, and the beep of my garmin. I’m sure I’ll change my tune after 15 or so miles, but that is what friends are for! Friends to cheer me on, jump in for a few miles, wait patiently for hours at the finish…

I hadn’t intended on running a full marathon this year. I had planned on doing several half marathons, with some extra long training runs to build myself up to the possibility of running a full in 2013. However, a certain someone dive-bombed my life and all its weakly laid-out plans, and convinced me to just bite the bullet and go for it. Why not? So I signed up for the full Hudson Mohawk Marathon, and the full I shall run. I’m glad, in retrospect, that I decided to do it this way. A marathon was on my ultimate goals list, and to be frank, I’m beginning to recognize some serious runner’s burn out. Not that I will give up running (I’m already looking at 10Ks for next year’s schedule), I just need to back off the constant training/super long distance stuff after this – for a bit.

My goals for the upcoming race:

Enjoy it! Soak it in! Revel in the experience!

Don’t vomit at the start line.

Finish/don’t die.

Smile, fist pump, high five.

Projected finish time: 5.5 hours.

Here’s to running happy!