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This book is set in the south during the civil war. It is the story of Inman and Ada who fell in love before the war, and their attempts to find one another again.

First and foremost, this book was excellent. The story-telling, the characters, the descriptive settings, all of it. It wrapped around me like a warm-blanket, taking me deep inside the story. I longed for it when I wasn’t reading. However, this is a patient book, by necessity. There were points (like the beginning) where the plot advanced rather slowly. Frazier’s sentences are written with the intent that you relish in each one, though sometimes I did think his prose was a bit over-the-top. It took me much longer than I thought to get through the book, though I don’t regret it.

One thing I did learn from the book was: don’t watch the movie first. Obviously, this is a notion many of us are familiar with. However, I saw the movie shortly after it was released on DVD, and I LOVED it. I’ve watched it several times before I even realized how acclaimed the book had been. So of course, if I loved the movie so much, and the book is nearly always better than the movie, then I would love the book. It seemed like a no-brainer. However, having an idea of the main plot – though many parts and characters differed between the book and movie versions – kind of took away from the story for me. I regret having approached these two in this way. Some of the suspense and excitement of reading the book was diminished by my already knowing (or thinking I knew) what was about to happen. This is a bummer, but again, my own fault. I still love the movie, though, and will likely watch it again soon, now that I can more fully appreciate the story as a whole.

This one will go high up on my recommended reading list. Anyone that wants a good story, or thinks that modern literature is lost needs to read this novel.

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