Welcome all to The Garden of Clio. I am truly looking forward to bringing you all on this journey with me. This blog is a project. Not simply a writing project, but a life project.  There are so many experiences and ways to connect with one another that cannot possibly be remembered. I intend to take this blog, and whatever readership it may develop down a winding path in many directions at the same time, but all of them leading forward – eventually. Occasionally, I imagine, the pace of our forward leading adventure may wax and wane, but the point is to keep moving.

I plan to bring you my musings on life, politics, family, growth, and occasionally, probably, cats. I plan to pepper this blog with book reviews, as I read/write. Perhaps you’ll get a taste of some various writing exercises in historical narrative, or fiction, if I dare. For those of you following me over from Floundering in Flipflops, I will still talk about running, as it is still a big part of my life. I’m sure a myriad of other topics are bound to enter this blog as the circumstances of my life evolve.

For months, I tried to put a direction on this blog. Finally, I settled on a “nobody puts Baby in a corner” motif, and decided to just run with it. The goal is to write, explore, discover, discuss, create. I hope to discover my own voice – sometimes careful, sometimes serious, sometimes creative, sometimes carefree, and sometimes witty – there are no limits as far as I can see, and no reason for there to be.

I welcome you all to my space (not myspace, who does that anymore?). My space to be me and share it with you.

To us, dear readers: To good wine, good cheers, good friends, and to many good years.